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Decent food & hydration are essential whether you are going camping for a week or just trekking for a day. You need to refuel and keep hydrated at all times.

Best Hydration Bladders for 2019

One of the disadvantages of backpacking is that you find you literally have your hands full: maps, compasses, phones, equipment. And hiking is obviously thirsty work. That’s where a hydration…

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Best Thermos for 2019

Whether it’s on the campsite, on the trail, or even at your workplace, a good thermos is an essential companion that will look after your drinks. You want one that…

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Best Freeze Dried Food in 2019

Hiking, backpacking, climbing, camping, and other rigorous outdoor activity mandates the need for premium nutritional and powerful body fuel. Fitting in all five food groups when you're hitting the trails,…

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Best Filtered Water Bottles for 2019

Access to clean, quality water is essential when you are on the trail. Your pack isn’t complete without a filtered water bottle. Even if you aren’t camping, you can still…

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Best Backpacking Stoves for 2019

Stoves come in various fuel formats. You can use canisters that contain Isobutane and Propane, the most popular fuel for trekking and backpacking. These are simple to use, burn clean…

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Best Energy Bars for 2019

Gear and food are usually two very separate categories. However, when it comes to energy bars, you'll find that the line between the two categories tends to blur. This is…

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