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Equipment and accessories for all your camping, hiking and backpacking adventures, whether you are a lone trekker, camping or exploring with family or preparing for a festival.

Best Hydration Bladders for 2019

One of the disadvantages of backpacking is that you find you literally have your hands full: maps, compasses, phones, equipment. And hiking is obviously thirsty work. That’s where a hydration…

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Best Multi Tool for 2019

Multitools are some of the coolest pieces of gear you can carry. Unless you are car-camping, you will not have space for a toolbox. But you want to be ready…

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Best Thermos for 2019

Whether it’s on the campsite, on the trail, or even at your workplace, a good thermos is an essential companion that will look after your drinks. You want one that…

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Best GoPro Accessories for 2019

If you've invested in a GoPro with a basic accessories kit, you’ve probably figured out by now that your shots are still limited. The right accessories can extend the capability…

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Best Filtered Water Bottles for 2019

Access to clean, quality water is essential when you are on the trail. Your pack isn’t complete without a filtered water bottle. Even if you aren’t camping, you can still…

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Best Firestarters for 2019

Even more than a good knife, a fire starting kit is the most essential piece of kit to take with you when backpacking. The ability to make a fire, no…

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Best Folding Chairs for 2019

When it comes to camping chairs, things have come a long way from the uncomfortable, unstable $5 plastic disposable chairs that were the norm twenty years ago. Today’s models come…

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Best Bear Spray for 2019

Campers, hikers, backpackers, and wilderness experts understand the importance of bear spray. This is a product that some might not give much thought or credence to until they need it.…

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