Best Three Person Tents for 2019

Best Three Person Tents for 2019

So you and your partner tried out the two-person tent, and you need a bit more space. Maybe you want a section for your furry companion. It’s also possible you’ve added a tiny human to your life (congratulations!), and your beloved two-person tent isn’t going to cut it anymore. 
Three person tents can give you just a little more space to manoeuvre. It could be just the thing you need to up your camping game. Three-person tents aren’t quite as common as two or four-person tents, but they do have a certain charm. 
We’ve reviewed ten of the best three-person tents to get you started. Let’s find your newest tent obsession. 

Our first tent is an affordable three-season tent with a high arch and a full zip rain fly. It features two doors and a nearly 100% mesh body. Kelty’s fly can be removed for mild nights to give you a view of the stars without inviting all the bugs.
The material on the fly is 40 denier sil nylon, an ultra-strong material that won’t snag and tear at the first sign of a sharp edge. It’s rated 1800 mm waterproof. The floor is even more durable; it’s made of 70 denier sil nylon and 3000 mm waterproof rated. It features taped seams and a bathtub style to prevent splash back.
The poles are lightweight DAC pressfit poles, some of the most rugged poles on the market. Their design prevents weak spots at connecting points without adding extra weight. Pitching uses a simple color-coded clip system.
The fly zips completely to create vestibule space on either side of the door, so both you and your partner aren’t crawling over each other to get to gear. You’ll need that space because, at just four feet wide, you’ve got room for two camping pads side by side. That’s it.
There’s three and a half feet of headspace at peak height. There’s a sweet spot, but you should both be able to sit up and move around.

If your camping needs a little more protection, the Alps tent offers more durable materials and frame. The full zip fly uses 75 denier polyester taffeta with a 1500 mm weatherproof coating and the same type of floor with a 3000 mm weatherproof coating. 
The poles are 7000 series aluminum, but the frame and construction can withstand a mild snow load without buckling. Mesh windows, door panels, and roof panel encourage proper ventilation when the fly is tucked back, allowing condensation to evaporate. 
The interior has plenty of gear storage with mesh pockets, an included gear loft, and 36 square feet of vestibule space. The clip and buckle system is intuitive and quick to set up, while vestibules provide natural, bomber style guy out points for inclement weather. 

The Trail Ridge 3 is all about living space. It uses two doors and two vestibules for a staging area plus a dome that helps draw interior space up and out for better positioning. The fly is Kelty’s stargazer design and made of 68 denier polyester taffeta with an 1800 mm waterproof coating. 
The floor uses factory taped seams to secure borders and is made of the same 68 denier material as the rainfly. The waterproof coating is also 1800 mm. The tent sets up quickly with a color-coded clip system, and once up, you can adjust the rainfly easily for protection or for visibility. 
It includes a gear loft, plenty of interior storage, and a nightlight pocket, but no footprint. You’ll probably want to invest in one if you plan to camp on rough terrain. 

Wenzel’s tent is more traditional. It features a high dome and a single door with plenty of space for sleepers to fan out. It has a removable fly and an integrated entrance mat with drainage for a small staging area for dirty gear. 
The single door isn’t the most convenient, but it’s large and should give you plenty of room to get in and out without having to step over everyone. Two mesh windows provide proper cross ventilation. The rainfly isn’t a full zip, so there’s no vestibule space, and you’ll want to keep this tent in milder weather. 
Shock-corded fiberglass poles assembly quickly and provide good support. The tent can be divided into three different packs to offset the weight. Floor space is suitable for even the tallest sleepers, but you may not be able to fit all your gear inside. 

Our Gator Choice tent is the Fortress 3, a bright orange tent with full coverage rain fly. It features a wide dome style with plenty of usable floor space and vestibules for gear. 
Two D-style mesh doors on either side provide easy access to the tent for everyone. The rainfly is 68 denier polyester taffeta with a 1500 mm waterproof coating, and the floor is the same with 2000 mm waterproofing. It provides excellent protection from inclement weather and handles a mild snow load should you get surprised late in the year. 
DAC Pressfit poles are sturdy and don’t have the weak points at joints like many tent poles. They provide proper bracing and structure. The color-coded system is easy, and prebent poles help raise walls for better living space. You can even access the rainfly from inside the tent. 

The Nammatj is a four-season, bomber style shelter intended to withstand some rain and snow. The bright red is a wonderful color for winter camping, and it provides a proper balance of space with insulation. 
It uses Kerlon outer tent fabric plus DAC Featherlite NSL ten mm poles for better durability against weather and snow loads. Pitching is simple, requiring just four pegs. The tent draws the sides up so you can sit comfortably at nearly every spot in the tent. 
It has a single entrance and a large vestibule space for storing gear. Spectra guy lines attach to both the vestibule and the sleeping area to draw out floor space and increase stability. It’s a double wall tent, so condensation on the interior may be a small issue, but it will keep out cold and wet extremely well. Makes sure you have both vents set up to help reduce that pesky interior condensation. 

Our second four-season tent is another bomber style with a single large door and vestibule space under a full coverage rain fly. The rain fly is 68 denier polyester with a 2000 mm waterproof coating. The floor is 10000 denier polyethylene with 5000 mm waterproofing for even more durable weather resistance. 
Poles are fiberglass, which doesn’t always hold up to intense handling, but the inner and outer tent is designed to help offset snow loads and some winds. It’s easy to assemble and take down. 
There’s good circulation with a window in the back for ventilation, but it will have some condensation because of the double walls. Make sure you have your ventilation set so the condensation doesn’t get out of hand. 

Our next four-season tent provides patented insulation methods to keep you warmer in winter camping. Many four-season tents perform poorly in hot weather, but this layer of insulation should prevent heat from entering the interior. It also provides good noise canceling and light insulation. 
It uses Aerograde aluminum poles plus puncture proof polycotton fabric. The groundsheet is built in, and luminous guy lines help with set up and safety. It can withstand a good deal of wind without experiencing buckling, and the covered porch area is suitable for staging. 
It’s pitch black on the inside and offers good usable space. You shouldn’t have any trouble maintaining the interior temperature although you may want to practice the setup and take down before you take it out for the first time. 

Mountain Hardware’s tent uses two doors and two small vestibules to help increase indoor space. The full-size doors open completely to create a broad view. The frame uses DAC Pressfit poles, which reduce weak points along joints and help with structural integrity. 
Internal pockets help with organization inside, while the vestibules give you staging areas to keep dirty gear outside. Guy outlines are included and while color-coded tabs to make assembly easier. 
The fly is 75 denier polyester with a 1500 mm waterproof coating. The floor is 70 denier nylon taffeta with a 3000 mm waterproofing. It doesn’t come with a gear loft, but it’s compatible with both rectangular and trapezoidal gear lofts. 
The fly design can allow rain to drip into the tent if you aren’t careful when entering and exiting. 

Our last tent has a full mesh top for excellent visibility. Two large doors on either side give everyone easy access to the tent. Pre-bent poles help draw the sides of the tent up more to provide you with more livable space. 
A one piece aluminum hub and a simple clip system create a sturdy and straightforward setup. It’s wind resistant and can withstand a mild slow load. The interior has plenty of storage, and the light pocket helps diffuse light quickly. 
It’s a little uncomfortable to get in and out of the tent when the rainfly is attached, but it does offer excellent coverage from weather and wind. 

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