Best PopUp Tents for 2019

Best PopUp Tents for 2019

Tent poles are the worst. If you’re a family camper, trying to figure out where the tent’s poles go while your four-year-old is running through the woods and your spouse is trying to wrangle your other kids is the height of frustration. If you aren’t camping in severe weather or rough terrain, a tent that takes less than a minute to set up can save the day. Pop-up tents have gotten a lot better and are stable enough to throw into the car. 
We’ve put together a list of some of the best pop-up tents currently available to help you choose which is best for you. 

The Core 9 person instant cabin sets up in just 60 seconds or less. Really. It has a center height of nine and a half feet and fits six people or two queen mattresses. It features adjustable air vents close to the floor that help pull in fresh air from outside while the top mesh allows hot air to escape through the ceiling. The room divider keeps families organized and offers privacy while plenty of gear pockets keeps everything safe and secure. The T-Door offers easy access for all your gear and your kids. A small bit of inclement weather is no big deal because H20 Block technology helps keep out moisture around seams through a heat seal present the entire length of the seam. You shouldn’t have to waterproof the seams at all. 

Fivejoy’s small popup tent is perfect for couples or small families. The built-in fiberglass frame pops out in just 30 seconds. Mesh screens on doors and windows help improve ventilation and prevent bugs. Nylon flaps close for privacy. There are interior mesh pocket and loops for your gear. A new feature is the tent flap to create a small sunshade. There’s enough floor space for two pads to lay side by side or for a larger air mattress for a single camper.  Thone Fivejoy is a fun tent for temporary shelter or for simple types of car camping. It won’t withstand a lot of inclement weather, but for a good night under the stars, it’s ideal. 

This pop-up is a four-person tent that pops up in less than 30 seconds. The PU coated polyester keeps out most mild to moderate rain and weather. Openings on the left and right sides allow cross ventilation. Nylon flaps come down for privacy when needed. There are storage pockets and gear loops to keep everything organized. It comes with everything you need to pack things up. It has plenty of room for two wider, thicker pads, or you can squeeze two other people in with not much gear. 

This popup is more of a cabin style tent with higher sides for more internal e space. It sets up in less than one minute and has a Weather Tec system to keep water away. The welded floors are sealed using a patented method, and inverted seams help keep things dry. The fabric has a polyguard seal and two times thick fabric on the outside. An integrated rainfly helps with air flow. Windows on all sides help with cross ventilation. It’s got good livable space, but you shouldn’t have trouble finding enough space to pitch. It packs in a convenient bag and blocks out 90% of the UV light when everything is closed. That’s good news for families looking for some extra sleep in the morning. 

The Toogh is a larger instant tent with great weatherproofing and a separate ventilation cover to protect from the elements without blocking air flow. There’s a mosquito net covering for the door that also allows cross ventilation. It comes with gear pockets and loops to keep your things safe. It can be disassembled, and the double tent pieces used individually. It’s advertised as a four-season tent, and while we wouldn’t go that far, it can handle three and a half seasons. Make sure you keep the snow swept off, or the weight may be too much. Two doors and the roof offer proper ventilation without sacrificing weatherproofing. It comes with plenty of guy lines, stakes, and a carry case. It’s moderately light and should handle some weekend camping with no trouble. 

The MoKo is a more waterproof tent that still features the pop-up design. It’s highly waterproof with a 5000mm rainfly. Windows provide proper ventilation, and there is even extra vestibule space when the rainfly is zipped down completely. The rainfly detaches from the top to allow better ventilation during good weather. It comes with all the proper guy lines and stakes plus a handy carry bag with plenty of room to pack things in easily. The frame is aluminum and fiberglass. It assembles quickly in just a few minutes and withstands moderate amounts of weather once battened down. That’s a rare commodity in an instant tent, so the Moko comes highly recommended if you regularly encounter bad weather when camping. 

The Oileus is a bright, water-resistant tent that pops up easily and sleeps four to six people. To assemble it you just throw it up in the air, and it unfolds itself. The zippers are sturdy, and with two mesh doors and windows, there is plenty of cross ventilation. It comes with all appropriate stakes to tie it down if the wind starts blowing, and everything fits into a convenient carry bag. Unfortunately, it isn’t waterproof, just resistant, so limit it to fair weather camping or sheltering. Otherwise, the fun color can make it easy to find in a crowded campsite. It’s a good idea for people who need a little more space and a lot of flexibility. 

This extra-large pop-up tent is easy to set up. You only need to unroll it and lock your poles. Pull the drawstring, and the tent just pops up. It’s watertight and built for slightly more inclement weather. Ventilation is excellent with an entire mesh top. It’s for just one person, but it’s made to fit even over extra wide cots. It offers plenty of environmental protection with a fully zipped fly made of 2000 mm treated taffeta. The interior features a few gear pockets and gear loops for equipment storage. It also comes with the appropriate stakes and guy lines If you are a solo camper and don’t want to waste precious time on setup, the Teton is worth a look. 

This bright tent also rolls out and pops into the place. It fits just one person and a little bit of gear. It’s meant for lightweight camping. It’s a waterproof, double-walled tent with a seam-taped rainfly. The minimum trail weight is just 2.6 pounds.  Aluminum poles and ripstop nylon allow the freestanding tent to batten down quickly and easily. It comes with a compression sack to repack the tent and get moving quickly. It’s convertible from a three to a four-season tent with an inner liner. The floor is a bathtub style with 5000 mm waterproofing, and the fly is 6000 mm waterproofing. It also has a small vestibule space to help with storing gear. 

Our last tent is a family style. It’s a quick set up and has a generous amount of floor space. This version is more wind resistant through a redesigned hub system. It sleeps up to four people with plenty of room for gear. The tent is water resistant and has numerous gear pockets and loops to help keep things organized. It has a lot of mesh for ventilation and excellent views while keeping the bugs out. The lantern hook in the center is a great way to keep a light in the evenings without having to set it on the ground. The rain dome removes for views of the sky or adds protection from the rain and sun. It comes with a convenient carry bag. 

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