Best Hiking Boots for Women for 2019

Best Hiking Boots for Women for 2019

Your hiking boots can have an enormous impact on your physical comfort and stamina out there on the trails. Good boots will be durable, supportive, breathable, designed with quality materials, and above all, comfortable. Before you begin your next outdoor excursion, you’ll want to be sure to choose boots that are as rugged and chic as you are. Below we round up the ten best hiking boots currently available for active women.

With great customer ratings, premium material construction, and an attractive design, these boots are a versatile crowd pleaser. A favorite of female hikers for years, the Euro Hiker boot sports outdoor-inspired style and durability. These boots look great both on or off the trail and are designed to last. Premium full-grain leather and a cushioned footbed will give you all-day comfort and stability no matter how tough the trail gets. Their thick rubber bottoms are abrasion resistant and ideal for rough terrain. Bold stitching and contrasting colors on the interior and exterior of the Euro Hiker give a chic impression of rugged versatility. All around, a fantastic choice for women who want something that they can wear hiking or in town.

If you’re looking for a pair of boots that can stand up to challenging treks, backpacking trails, and just about anything mother nature may throw your way, check out the Garmont Tower Trek GTX line. These boots are lightweight and flexible allowing you to climb steep trails with ease. Precise shaping and an anatomically directed design cater to the needs of a woman’s foot. Suede, flex inserts, Gore-Tex and a well-made footbed (EVA, resin and felt) mean that these boots can keep up with your active lifestyle. FrameFlex Mid nylon insoles deliver stability, flexibility, and comfort, which means that you can carry heavy loads with less strain on your feet, legs, and lower back. The dual-density microporous rubber midsoles keep them light and great for hikes that require true agility. All around, one of the lightest and most comfortable boot options out there. 

They say happy hikers need happy feet. These hiking boots seem to have many hikers agreeing that their feet are indeed, happy. The Quest 4D boot is almost a sneaker and hiking boot hybrid that looks high-tech and edgy without losing durability or functionality. The utilization of breathable and lightweight materials allows you to forget about your feet when you’re enjoying the beauty of nature. These boots claim to reduce fatigue and increase circulation for backpackers and hikers. They also offer good support and have great cushioning. However, unlike the Timberland Euro Hiker, these boots aren’t composed of natural materials. They don’t do well in every climate either. They’d be great as a warmer climate boot of for dry trails.

If durability is the name of your game, these boots may just be your match made in Heaven. Think solid material construction and an ambiance indestructibility. These leather boots are as tough as hiking boots get. They’re super supportive on the ankles and arches of your feet, so you’ll have better balance on any unstable ground you may encounter. Additionally, the large bottom and unique shape of these boots yield a better grip and can help relieve your lower back. They aren’t for everyone though. If you want a lightweight and flexible boot, you’d be better off sticking with the Garmont GTX listed above. Still, if you’re going to be climbing on rocky terrain or carrying heavy loads, these may just be the perfect rough terrain boots for you. Another bonus: they’re totally waterproof.

These imported 100% real-leather boots are a gorgeous and utility-friendly option that could be worn almost anywhere. With over 20 different color combinations available, they’re a stylish alternative to many bulkier boot options. The real-leather design on the exterior of the boots showcases subtle accenting and bold branding. It’s easy to see that Lowa has paid close attention to detail with every aspect of these hiking boots. They’re also durable, comfortable, supportive, and water-repellant. The Cordura ankle bands and Gore-Tex lining will keep your feet comfortable and dry. The Renegade GTX Collection has established a strong reputation among women hikers and we think it is deserved.

These boots are truly waterproof. They are ideal for lady hikers who plan to encounter streams, muddy terrain, or adverse weather conditions. They also come in four attractive color combinations. Though they’re not quite as stylish as other options on our list, such as the Timberland Euro, they do the job fine and would be ideal for any woman who plans on hiking in the rain or on frosty woodland trails. Removable insoles add or reduce support and insulation as needed and alignment is gender specific for better lower balance. These boots are awesome if you need something lightweight and waterproof. For the record though, they aren’t exactly all-terrain boots. You’re better off staying on the beaten path as the bottoms aren’t very thick. On the other hand, they’re about as light as boots get.

Comprised of leather and synthetics, these boots are great for hiking in multiple conditions and on many different types of terrain. They feature a mud-cutting design for easier hikes and are waterproof. The dual-density EVA foam footbeds and Vibram soles make these boots great for many different scenarios. They also have a trendy design with contrasting color patterns and two-toned rubber grips. The nubuck leather with ghillie lacing and breathable mesh underlays helps to keep them breathable and durable. Their UltraDry waterproofing system makes them an all-time favorite of many wearers.

For women who require a lot of arch and ankle support, finding the perfect hiking boot can feel frustrating. These La Sportiva Women’s Core High GTX trail and hiking boots are a great choice for women with ankle issues or for those who just want better support and traction on slippery or unstable terrain. They’re super lightweight and have large grippy traction studs. If you want to increase your stability and control, you may find that these boots do the trick.

With waterproof-nubuck upper seals, imported leather, thick rubber grips, a waterproof membrane, and mid-calf arch, there are the hiking boots that you can depend on when the trail starts to wind. They utilize leather inside and out for the ultimate waterproofing experience. And although we found that the grip on the Montaras was not as high as some of the other shoes, they nevertheless displayed impressive rugged flexibility. A contoured arch makes them attractive and supportive while a cross lacing design helps they stay snug all day. These boots really cater to women who are wild at heart.

A textile and leather combination that favors utility over frills, these boots are very sporty. They’re somewhat similar to the Salomon Quest 4D 3 GTX boots listed above in that they have an almost sports sneaker feel. They’re lightweight, comfortable, and very breathable with decent arch and ankle support. They come in three different color combinations and have great grip power on the bottom from their Contra-Grip traction outsole. They’re also waterproof with a Gore-Tex membrane. If you want functionality and well-thought-out design, these boots are well worth your consideration.

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