Best Heated Gloves for 2019

Best Heated Gloves for 2019

Cold weather can play havoc on your appendages (and by that we mean) your hands and toes. If you are an avid skiier, a cold weather camper, a winter walker, or if you need to work outdoors in the cold, then keeping your hands warm and protected is a major priority. This is where heated gloves come in. These gloves benefit not only those who choose or have to be outside in cold weather. For those who suffer from ailments such as arthritis, bad circulation or Raynors, then a lack of warm blood to the fingertips can cause extreme discomfort.
Normal gloves work by trapping the natural heat generated by our body. This can work for a short time. But if we are out in harsh weather, or for any length of time, this heat will eventually dissipate. Heated gloves, thanks to their in-built batteries, generate their own heat which will ensure that our hands are kept warm constantly and allow us to pursue our outdoor activities safe in the knowledge that our hands are protected from the cold.
We have scoured the market and picked the best heated gloves for you.

The build quality on these gloves is simply outstanding. They come with a GoreTex insert, a durable synthetic material that is both durable windproof and waterproof. There are also strips of goat leather on the palms that help with grip. The gloves also come with a polyester fleece lining that helps with comfort and warmth retention. The fleece wicks away moisture and dries quickly.  The gloves come with two Lithium-ion batteries, which offer three settings: 8 hours on low, 5 on medium, and 2.5 on high. 
It’s the small details that make this glove stand out: the battery also has its own zippered compartment,  and the glove has a long sleeve, which helps to trap heat. Certain heated gloves will lose heat at the wrist, where there is a space between the glove and the clothing of the arm. 

The Volt Tatra are a great pair of heated gloves that will give you excellent service. They are suitable for any outdoor activity and offer good comfort.The outer layer is made of nylon and the palm is made of a durable leather. There is also a waterproof insert that is also breathable.The gloves come with two 7v batteries as well as a wall charger. The gloves offer four power settings, with a two hour charge at high heat, 3 hours at high/medium, 5 hours at medium, and 8 hours at low. When we tested the glove we found these figures to be slightly optimistic: we got around seven hours at low and 2.5 at high. The heat distribution was even. Both sides of the hand as well as the fingers felt the heat. The build quality of the gloves is reasonable. It doesn’t match the quality of the Outdoor Research Lucent or the Hestra, but we do not have any complaints.

These gloves are suitable for most outdoor activities such as skiing or snow shovelling. They’ve proven especially popular with hunters.  Each of these gloves is filled with 100g of insulation. It’s enough to help with heat retention without compromising on the owner’s ability to move their fingers freely. They are a very comfortable glove: the glove is made from nylon, and it comes with a leather palm. The gloves are waterproof. The glove comes with two 3.7v Lithium-ion batteries. There are only two heat settings with these gloves. The high setting gives 3 hours and the low gives 4 hours. The batteries are smaller and lighter than the batteries on other heated gloves, but we did notice that the heat, although well distributed over the surface of the glove, was not quite as powerful as other gloves. 
These gloves are also not able to work a touchscreen, so if you can’t live without interacting with your mobile when outside, you might want to look elsewhere. 

Hestra is a brand that is still unknown by many in the US, but in Europe the name is a byword for quality. Founded in Sweden and named after their founder’s hometown, Hestra has built its reputation in Europe by handcrafting its products using only the finest leathers and materials.  These gloves are high end luxury. They are made from nylon and premium leather and are fully waterproof. The interior is also lined with a really soft polyester, which adds both comfort and warmth.  The gloves use a heated coils embedded on the backhand to heat the gloves. come with three heat settings, each of which is indicated with a LED on the glove. The coils are powered by Lithium Ion battery. The gloves come with batteries, a travel case and also international travel adaptors. The battery offers 10 hours on a low setting, 5 hours on medium, and 2 hours on high. Hestra also offers a lifetime warranty of the gloves.  
These gloves also cannot work a touchscreen, so don’t purchase if you are addicted to your mobile screen.

If you need or want to ride a motorbike, snowplough, scooter or similar in the winter months, then you want to get a heated glove specifically designed for the role. We recommend the Gerbing Men’s T5. The Gerbing is designed for the wear and tear of the open road. It’s made from nylon and leather and has a tricot fleece lining, which is filled with 100g of Thiinsulate lining, which helps to keep your hands warm while not interfering with hand movement. The fingers of these gloves are reinforced at the joints, making them ideal for the rider. You can charge these gloves either through the battery of your motorbike or snowmobile or via a rechargeable battery. Unfortunately the latter has to be purchased separately. It will give you 1 hour on a high setting, 2.5 hours on medium, or 4 hours on low. 
The Gerbing T5s are offer a very affordable option for the winter rider looking for a dependable and rugged glove.

The Morvat Heated Gloves are an option for those looking for a slightly cheaper heated glove that still offers all the features of its more expensive counterparts. 
The Morvat comes with four heat settings and a viewing window for the battery pocket. They are made from nylon and each finger comes with a lightly reinforced fleece lining. The batteries sit in a waterproof zipper and can be adjusted via a small viewing window. One nice touch with the Morvat is that they offer an extra pocket one each glove, which can be used to store additional batteries. They have an adjustable wrist strap that helps to prevent heat loss and stop moisture entering the glove. On the low setting the batter offer up to 13 hours of use. We found that the heat, despite the glove’s claim of offering full hand heating, tended to focus mostly on the palm and halfway up the fingers, leaving the tips of the fingers slightly colder than the rest of the hand. This shouldn’t be a problem for most, but if you suffer from bad circulation to the tips, you might want to look at another model. 

We must admit to being slightly baffled by the Verseo’s at first. Advertised as a third choice between liners and gloves, the Verseo offer the benefits of heating, unlike liners, and the light weight and portability that is lost with heated gloves.  The Verseo Thermogloves are certainly stylish. They are made from a super-thin micro elastic, which makes them extremely comfortable to wear. They offer near zero impediment to your fingers, so you can tap away on your mobile to your heart’s content with these gloves. The heat is pretty even across the glove, and the Lithium Ion battery offers three settings: 3 hours on hour, 4 on medium and six on low. If you are looking for a pair of gloves that will heat your hands when outside for a walk, then these are ideal, but if you are looking to do anything more involved, you’ll need to look elsewhere. The thinness does make them extremely light, but they offer no protection against wind or water, which will preclude them from a lot of activities. Still,if you are in market for some stylish heated gloves, or as a liner for some old gloves you cannot part with, these fit the bill nicely.

If you are on an extremely tight budget, you might want to consider the Winteria Heated Gloves. These were the cheapest heated gloves we tested. The gloves come with a standard Lithium ion battery that is stored on the back of the glove. There are three settings, but unlike other heated gloves, the low and medium setting offer only intermittent heating. You’ll have only one option if you want continuous heating. Unfortunately we found that even on the highest setting, the heat generated wasn’t really sufficient for sub-zero conditions. In addition we found that the heat did not really reach our fingertips, but concentrated instead on our palms. The gloves come with a fleece lining which aids comfort, but we didn’t really feel any benefits with regard to heat retention. In very cold temperatures we were compelled to put on an extra pair on liners beneath these gloves to cope with the cold. 
The gloves do come in two colors: either black or a very nice looking light blue. If you are on a very tight budget and want some gloves that will protect you in cold weather when walking, these are worth a look, but they are not really suitable for sub-zero temperatures for any length of time.

These budget gloves from Ivation impressed us considerably. They come with 3.7v Lithium ion batteries, which provide 2 hours heating at the highest setting, 4 hours at medium, and 6 hours at low. 
They come with a durable nylon outer shell and have a polyurethane palm. The polyurethane is not as nice as the leather on more higher end gloves, but does provide an enhanced grip. These are not work gloves, but they’ll provide sufficient protection if you need to shovel some snow for a half-hour. 
The gloves don’t provide a waterproof inner GoreTex membrane that you will find on higher-end gloves, but they are water resistant, so are sufficient for short contact with snow and water. The batteries will be safe since they are stored in a waterproof pouch. The batteries are smaller than the larger 7.6v versions found in other gloves, which helps reduce the weight of the gloves, but we did find that the heat provided was noticeably weaker than that provided by the larger batteries. We also noticed that the heat dispersion was not completely even: it tended to concentrate on the back of the hand and palm, providing the finger tips with slightly less heat. 
All-in-all, despite a few quibbles, we liked these gloves a lot, and they are an excellent budget option.

Savior is a Chinese brand who have made waves recently in the heated gloves market.  The Saviors are made of a durable polyester and also have an additional leather palm. They also come with a very nice velvet-like material that gives these gloves a very comfortable and feeling against the hands. The gloves come with two 7.4v Lithium Ion batteries offer 2.5 hours of heating at the maximum setting, and around 6 hours at the lowest setting. Pretty standard figures that compare well with more expensive options. One thing we liked about the Saviors were the size options: they are available in every major size, from XS up to XXXL. You might want to order a size larger however, since Asian brands tend to size slightly smaller than their Western counterparts. We were impressed by the heat dispersion of these gloves. As well as the palm, we could feel the heat reaching our fingertips. These gloves are ideal for most outdoor activities. We particularly enjoyed using them for cycling. The build quality is impressive for the price bracket. We did notice that the wiring and connectors for the batteries were a bit more fragile than we would have expected, so do exercise care when removing the batteries for recharging.

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