Best Hand Warmers for 2019

Best Hand Warmers for 2019

If you’re going to be hunting, hiking, skiing, or spending extended periods of time outside in the colder months this year, you probably know that getting things done is nearly impossible with fingers that feel frozen. Any seasoned outdoor enthusiast knows that sometimes, gloves just aren’t enough. Luckily, we live in a time when innovation and technology offer us better options than ever before. Yes, we are talking about hand warmers.
A good hand warmer or set of hand warmers can help you stay productive and keep you from having to give up and head back inside this fall or winter. For this reason, we have taken the time to review some of the best hand warmers. We’ve reviewed each product in-depth so that you can choose which option will best suit your specific outdoor excursions.

The Letouch rechargeable hand warmer is a great solution for nearly anyone looking to keep their fingers thawed out this cold season. It’s fully-rechargeable so you can use it again and again. The best part? It doubles as a battery pack and has a USB port that you can use to charge small mobile devices. Heating up in a matter of seconds, this hand warmer keeps your hands warm and comfortable for hours on end. It’s got double sides, so you get heat for both hands in one pocket. It’s easy to carry, looks stylish, comes in many different colors, and even comes with a mobile external battery charger. As for its best applications, think snowboarding, camp-fires, figure skating, hiking, and other activities where you probably won’t be getting wet. That’s because the downside of this and most rechargeable hand warmers is that they are not safe when exposed to excessive moisture. Other than that, this is an awesome option for an array of cold weather activities.

Zippo has been providing people with light and heat for decades. This genuine Zippo flameless hand warmer gives off a whopping 12 hours of comfortable heat. Its all-metal construction makes it ultra-durable while its windproof design works virtually anywhere. Made completely in the USA, it comes with a convenient “fix it free” lifetime warranty. This warmer can also be personalized with an available custom engraving, making it a great gift for friends or family. It can be used to warm the hands of hunters, campers, fishermen, and all manner of cold weather outdoor enthusiasts. Simply fill the cup, light the burner, and you’re all set. On the downside, if you happen to tip it over at the wrong angle it becomes prone to leakage. Though this particular 12-hour Zippo warmer has made improvements to alleviate most leakage problems, small amounts of lighter fluid may still wind up seeping out if the warmer gets overturned. Still, once you learn to use it, this is a fantastic option for anyone who may encounter rugged living with wet and dirty surroundings.

An easy-to-grip shape and long lasting battery life make the EnergyFlux Ellipse a great option for people on-the-go. It has two temperature modes so you can pick the setting that you like best. Choose between a comfortable 107°F and very toasty 118°F. This hand warmer heats up quickly and lasts for almost 7 hours due to its 5200mAh battery. It also has easy-to-read LED lights that show you its heating and charging progress as well as available battery life. You can use it to charge your phone as well with a 5V USB power port. All in all, this is an extremely easy to use electric hand warmer that lasts for a long time and can charge your phone. As far as negative aspects, it quickly loses power in extremely cold temperatures and it also takes a while to charge. Other than that, it’s a pretty great option. It would work well for hockey games, ice skaters, skiing trips, morning joggers, and other cold weather activities that may require moderate hand heating. 

For instant heat with no need for lighter fluid, electricity, or a wall charger, HotSnapz hand warmer packs are an awesome option. Like the Zippo hand warmer, these packs can be used outside by hunters, hikers, and other users who know they may end up encountering rough or wet conditions. Unlike the Zippo warmer, these packs give instant heat without much effort. They can reach an impressive 130 degrees in a matter of minutes. These warmers function by utilizing a chemical reaction that allows each pack to generate heat that can last for around an hour. A small metal disc and sodium acetate create crystals that when snapped, generate safe and sustainable heat. The neat thing about these packs is their reusability. They are one of the only chemical reaction packs that can be used again and again. Simply boil them and they reset, forming new crystals for infinite heat generation. They really do have the “wow” factor. They even come with a lifetime warranty. On the downside, these packs can be punctured and only last an hour. Still, these things are amazing.

Toast USB hand warmers are undoubtedly the cutest option on our list. They’re like an adorable toast-shaped electric blanket for your hands. These fingerless gloves are fully adjustable so one size fits most people. They can be worn indoors to keep your hands warm in the office or at school. You can text and type easily while wearing them, so they’re great for people who lead busy lives. If you suffer from stiff joints, cold hands, arthritis, and other frustrating ailments that can be alleviated by heat, these warmers are awesome. They’re very soft and comfortable as well. Advanced carbon fiber heating technology allows them to heat up fast and distribute heat evenly. On the downside, they can only be used when plugged in. As soon as you disconnect from power, they start to lose heat. They’re really for indoor use only. Still, they’re a comfortable and sweet gift for office workers, students, and more.

A safe, natural, and long-lasting classic, HotHands hand warmers are odorless disposable packets that can be used anywhere. They’re safe to use and are even TSA approved. Made in the USA, these packets heat quickly and are “air activated” by shaking. They can last for over 10 hours and can reach a maximum temperature of 158 degrees. On the downside, they take around 15 minutes to heat up and they cannot be re-used. If you want a reusable pack of safe chemical activation warmers, the HotSnapz listed above may be a better choice. Still, these are a useful solution to a number of cold weather issues and a classic bestseller. They are also hard to tear or puncture, which makes them better for hunting and fishing. They come in multiple sizes and specifications. When thrown away, the contents don’t harm the environment.

If you are looking for an awesome pair of rechargeable hand warming glove liners, look no further. The Venture liners last for up to 5 hours and are very durable. Their softshell fabric keeps your hands warm and dry while their thin micro-carbon fibers wrap evenly around the interior of almost any pair of gloves for well-distributed heat to every part of your hands. They have a touch button controller that gives you three heat settings to choose from. One of the best features of these glove liners is their touchscreen friendly thumbs and forefingers. They would be an awesome gift for any warehouse worker, hunter, or hiker. On the downside, they only really keep hands warm on the highest setting, which can negatively impact their battery life. Still, they’re well made, charge quickly, and allow you to have a “hands-free” hand warming system.

Do you love Zippo warming products but don’t want to deal with lighter fluid? If so, this is your hand warmer solution. This double-sided warmer heat up very quickly, can be used to charge small mobile devices and has easy-to-understand heat and battery indicator lights. It comes in a few styles and colors and has an ergonomically designed shape that’s easy to hold or put in your pockets. The Rechargeable 5200mah lithium-ion battery lasts for over 6 hours for each charge. Unlike the Zippo warmer featured above, this is an electric option that gets rid of the hassle and the mess. On the downside, it’s better for light outdoor activities and can’t get wet. If you’re going hunting or ice fishing, the analog Zippo listed above may be a better choice. Still, this is a quality hand warmer that does its job exceptionally.

A quality product with a great design that’s super safe to use, the Amroz rechargeable hand warmer comes with everything you need to keep your hands toasty warm and happy all winter long. It’s also very cute with a paw print pouch that allows you to distribute heat evenly. Just like the above options, you can use it to charge your mobile devices via USB. Surprisingly, this cute little paw shaped warmer gets up to 140 degrees. That’s higher than most of its competitors. On the downside, it won’t hold a charge as long as say, the EnergyFlux ellipse and also isn’t very masculine. This warmer is great for keeping in your pockets as you’re walking around outside in the cold. Think shopping, walks in the woods, hayrides, chilly workspaces, or cold morning classrooms. It would also make a great gift.

Simple, elegant, easy to use, and well designed, the Fourheart rechargeable hand warmer does its job well and has a lot to offer. It’s similar to the Amroz, Zippo, and EnergyFlux ellipse: it’s a rechargeable warmer with a USB port. What makes it unique is its 45-day money back warranty and 2-year replacement warranty. It also does a better job at charging large mobile devices without losing heat than the Amroz. However, for heat intensity, the Amroz gets a bit hotter. The Fourheart warmer only reaches around 131°F(55°C). Still, it is safe to use, subtle, attractive, and great for any number of dry cold weather activities.

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