Best GoPro Accessories for 2019

Best GoPro Accessories for 2019

If you’ve invested in a GoPro with a basic accessories kit, you’ve probably figured out by now that your shots are still limited. The right accessories can extend the capability of your GoPro and allow you to take some amazing shots. Stop losing those shots and stop limiting your creativity by investing in a few essential accessories.

We’ve put together a list of the ten best GoPro accessories. They cover a range of needs and filming activities to take your GoPro from cycling to diving to aerial shots.

Running out of battery life is a bummer. Before you invest in any other accessory, make sure you get the most out of your battery charger. This one charges two Hero 6 or Hero 5 batteries at the same time. It uses a basic USB port, but if you have the GoPro SuperCharger, you can get it done even faster.
Dual LED lights keep you updated on charging status for individual batteries, and it comes with a spare Hero 6/5 battery. Lights change from yellow to green to indicate a full charge. It doesn’t come with the power source plug, just the USB, so you’ll have to supply your own power port. You can request a separate manufacturer’s warranty from customer service from your seller.

The smart remote helps you control your shot by achieving exactly the right customized timing. You have complete control of shutter settings, timing, and other camera functions. It works up to 600 feet, and the built-in LCD shows you your camera screen exactly as it is. This function gives you a quick confirmation that the settings you’ve chosen are the right ones. It comes with a keyring, and it’s waterproof up to 33 feet (although it will lose connectivity with the camera). With certain GoPro cameras, it allows you to set HiLight tags for key moments while you’re in the process of recording. Settings and tag buttons give you the power to change settings in the middle of a shot.
The LCD screen is difficult to see in a lot of lighting conditions. However, it’s more expansive than the phone app for complete control.

The official GoPro accessory mount comes with a standard mount and a quick release mount for better adaptability between shoots. It has a short extension arm to allow you a short mount, and it’s proven reliable for speeds up to 150 miles per hour. The arm provides a broad range of mounting styles and angles. It should deaden the impact of vibrations for your shots, providing a smooth shot regardless of the mount. It will need a slick, clean surface for best mounting. It comes with the suction cup, standard arms, both bases, and a drawstring bag to keep everything together.

If you’ve got problems with humidity interfering with your shots, fog inserts can help keep the lens clear even when the weather isn’t cooperating. It comes with 12 inserts, and they’re suitable for about four uses. The inserts aren’t disposable, however. You can dry them out and reuse them by placing them on a pan and baking at 300 degrees for about five minutes and storing them in an airtight container.
They insert into the side of the camera and reduce the fogging and condensation so prevalent for cold or humid shoots. There’s an indicator on the side indicating when they’re ready to use and when to change. The more you handle them, the quicker they degrade. Make sure you only use them for times when you need to defog the lens, as these will not handle larger amounts of water in the housing itself.

The three in one design is an arm, an extension grip, or a tripod. The handle can detach from the arm entirely, so you can use it as a lightweight, basic camera grip. The tripod tucks inside the handle for when you need it, but stays out of the way when you don’t. You can use it by itself for a small boost or combined with the extension arm for more reach. It’s designed for use in both water and land activities. It maintains its grip despite any moisture. It measures over 20 inches when fully extended and just under eight when most compact. It comes with an extension arm, tripod feature, grip, and thumbscrew.

The Karma grip is suitable for creating shake free, cinematic quality long shots with your GoPro device. It features built-in camera controls for powering on and off, adding HiLights, changing modes, and other settings you need to adjust on the fly. It has a tilt lock, so you don’t lose your preferred angle, and it’s compatible with a variety of models including the HERO6 (with optional firmware update).
It has extra-long battery life and the grip powers both your grip functions and the GoPro itself for up to one hour and 45 minutes. It’s compatible with both the GoPro Pack and the extension cable for flexibility, but it’s not suitable for water-based activities.

You don’t always have a smooth, flat surface for your mount, but the Jaws’ irregular design allows it to clamp to a variety of surfaces from .25 inches to two full inches in diameter. The neck removes for a closer mount, but the neck itself allows you to adjust the camera view in multiple ways.
It has a quick release base, so you can move it from object to object easily. It’s compatible with all GoPro quick-release mounting systems. It’s not suitable as a rough terrain handlebar mount, but it could work for short, smooth rides. However, it does allow you to get a variety of angles with just the objects around you as bases. Be careful using it over water because it absolutely does not float. However, it is compatible with a variety of activities and environments.

The Remo is compatible with Hero 5 and Hero 6 black cameras from up to 33 feet away. It uses a variety of easy to remember commands for stopping and starting the video, taking photos, and switching between capture methods. The audio sensor hears you better in inclement weather than the standard voice activator on your GoPro itself. It’s waterproof up to 16 feet, so you can use it in all watersports, including surfing and kayaking. It understands a variety of languages and can be used as a one-button remote for your GoPro. It has a clip that can attach to your wrist or a variety of clothing.

The Quik Key allows you to access your footage on the go through a compatible Android device or other micro-USB devices. It has a carabiner to attach to your keys or other gear, and it features a water-resistant cover to stand up to a variety of environmental conditions. It pairs with GoPro’s mobile app, Capture, to access content quickly. You can quickly transfer footage from one GoPro to other devices for storage and editing footage without clogging up your camera’s storage. It comes with the micro SD storage card, a carabiner, and a water-resistant housing for easy transport.

The Cinema series filter has a very low refractive index, helping you shoot cinematic quality video by reducing the amount of stray light hitting your lens. It replaces the stock UV filter and reduces lens-flaring. It doesn’t change the weight of your camera, so it remains compatible with other accessories such as the grip and the drone. It enables you to lower the shutter speed for better light transmission in a variety of light conditions including partly cloudy or high sun. The glass is completely color neutral, and the filter options allow for reduction of three, four, and five f-stops.

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