Best Filtered Water Bottles for 2019

Best Filtered Water Bottles for 2019

Access to clean, quality water is essential when you are on the trail. Your pack isn’t complete without a filtered water bottle. Even if you aren’t camping, you can still benefit from having your own personal filter for quality water. It’s hard to figure out which type is the right one for you with all the different filtered water bottles on the market. We’ve therefore reviewed ten of the best filtered water bottles currently available. All of them are easy to use, highly portable, and offer clean, life-saving, filtered water.

Garyl’s water bottle uses a one press filtering system to produce 16oz of drinkable water in about 15 seconds. It filters over 99.9% of bacteria and protozoa along with dangerous viruses. It also helps alter the taste by filtering particulates found in many mass water systems such as chlorine, sediments, and heavy metals.
The cartridge is replaceable and good for about 40 gallons. The bottle itself is compact and easy to use. The distinct orange color is a fun addition to what can be a boring set of emergency materials.
The water bottle is a little expensive, as are the filters, but you will save by not having to buy bottled water. Even if you are not in a dangerous area with sewage or human waste, this bottle is a potential lifesaver that will protect you from naturally occurring organisms that can cause digestive problems.
Who it’s for: Travelers and day hikers.

The Milestone is a 32oz water bottle that filters out many of the metals and chemicals that make city water taste so awful. It has a dual-purpose straw that allows you either to sip from the bottle using the filter or to remove the filter and drink directly.
It has a filter capacity of 40 gallons, and you can upgrade to a level two filter that takes care of lead. Because the filter attaches to the straw, it can be difficult and somewhat slow to draw water up through the filter to the straw. You can keep the filter aside for situations where the taste of the water is bad and remove it when water is fine. The bottle itself made of durable plastic, and replacement filters are easy to find. It’s an excellent entry to filtered bottles.
Who it’s for: Municipal water drinkers and picky drinkers.

The Berkey is a sports style bottle with a heavy-duty filter and a shelf life of about 50 years. It filters over 99.9% of bacteria and protozoa, plus over 97% of viruses. It improves the taste by removing particulates and chemicals. The medical grade polymer bottle is BPA free and won’t interfere with the taste or safety of the filtered water.
The filter is good for about 160 refills for raw, untreated water or 640 refills for municipal water. It’s flexible and doesn’t require any pumping. The filter attaches to the inner straw, and you squeeze to get water pressure. It’s not the most watertight seal, however, and it can leak if you aren’t careful.
Make sure you allow it to dry completely before storing to prolong the life of the filter. If you use it every day, this isn’t an issue.
Who it’s for: People worried about plastic bottles (BPA free)

The Tritan uses a gravity-fed filtration system to produce 22oz of water in about 15 seconds. It features a wide spout for better flow and BPA free plastic. It’s got a comfortable design and ergonomic to hold.
The filter is good for about 20 gallons of water and produces better tasting water by allowing more contact with the filter. It reduces contaminants such as particulates, metals, and chemicals.
It’s not suitable for biologically unsafe water so make sure your water has been treated for viruses and bacteria. The bottle is clear so that you can see it working, and it features a one-handed operation that’s simple to master.
Who it’s for: Picky water drinkers.

This is an excellent, basic water bottle filter that produces quick sips of water for better taste. It is made from hard-sided plastic and is top-rack dishwasher safe. The filter is suitable for heavy metals and chemicals and will save you about 300 plastic bottles.
The built-in carrying loop and the flip-top spout make this bottle suitable for both sports and cycling. It fits into standard backpack pockets as well as into most car cup holders. It holds 20oz of water, and the filters are widely available.
Brita filters are easy to find and simple to replace. If you’re looking for a filter to start, or if you need an emergency filter for basic water improvement when traveling, the Brita is recommended.
Who it’s for: Sports enthusiasts.

Oko’s bottle produces 200 gallons of better tasting water with a BPA, lightweight plastic that doesn’t affect taste. Its simple design has a middle curve that makes it easier to hold.
The “upstream” valve returns backwashed water to the unfiltered portion of the bottle so that it continues to filter through and never tastes stale. It was initially developed for NASA and features a unique flow system that doesn’t get clogged.
It doesn’t have a cover for the mouthpiece, but it’s easy to use, and the flow is excellent. For a long-term filter (about 6 months), it’s a great beginner’s bottle filter and good for those who don’t always need filtering or don’t always mind the taste of municipal water.
Who it’s for: People who don’t have time to shop for filters all the time.

Lifestraw is an excellent filter, and this one fits right into a water bottle for quick, thorough filtering. It removes over 99.9% of bacteria and protozoa as well as particulates. It’s quick and doesn’t’ interfere with flow.
The silicon is removable for easy cleaning. When the filter is done, you can easily replace it. It filters up to 264 gallons and holds 23oz total. It’s lightweight BPA free plastic, and you can remove the Lifestraw when you don’t need filtering.
It’s not possible to suck out all the water, but this is intentional. It allows sediment to settle at the bottom instead of stressing your filter. If you plan to fill it primarily with municipal water, it will not improve the taste much.
Who it’s for: Day hikers

The classic Bobble uses a carbon filter to improve taste. It’s easy to use and has a good flow for those who live in areas where water has a heavy taste. It’s easy to use, and the filter is good for about 40 gallons of water.
It’s a good option for people who want a simple, easy to use filter that can be found in most places. It uses BPA plastic, so it won’t interfere with the taste. The filter attracts the negative ions of chemicals found in municipal water.
It’s an affordable option for people who want to invest in basic water filters for the car, home, and office. They’re affordable enough that you can buy multiples, so you always have a filter available. Who it’s for: People who need multiple filters.

SurviMate uses a simple filtration straw to remove viruses, bacteria, protozoa, and chemicals. It improves taste and helps keep you safe from common waterborne illnesses. It’s made from industrial grade plastic that won’t interfere with the taste.
It doesn’t need a pump or anything other than a simple straw. The flow rate is excellent, and it has a carabiner for clipping to your gear. If you plan to be out for long periods of time without a filtered water supply, this is a good one to use for any type of water.
It uses a multiple layer system that micro-filters most particulates and uses a medical grade hollow fiber membrane. The filter is good for about 400 gallons. Micro-filtration is excellent for backcountry campers and for those who aren’t sure which waterborne illnesses are around.
Who it’s for: Backcountry campers and travelers.

The Nava uses a coconut shell, carbon activated filter to remove heavy metals and chemicals in order to improve taste. It’s a simple straw-based system in a BPA-free plastic bottle. It has an easy flow system that improves the rate of flow through the straw.
It has a cushioned base to help protect it from cracking if it’s dropped. The cap prevents germs from getting to the mouthpiece. It also has a comfortable hand grip on the top that can be attached to other gear. The wide mouth underneath the twist-off lid makes it easy to fill or to put ice cubes inside.
It holds 22oz and filters about 40 gallons before you need to replace the filter. It’s an ergonomic design that fits in most cup holders and is comfortable to hold.
Who it’s for: People who want a natural filter.

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